Halloween Parade!

Tuesday 10/31 Start time - 6:30 pm Starts: at the bottom of the hill on Nahant Street, at the corner of Madawaska Road and Nahant. Finishes: outside the Glen Mar Park playground (doughnuts & cider for all). Start on your costume!!!!!  

Picnic! 9/17 3-6pm

Hi Folks, The neighborhood picnic will be Sunday afternoon 9/17/17 from 3-6pm. This is a fun event and we are looking for someone to take the lead on organizing it this year. If you would like to help organize, please reach out to Nicky Goraya. nkgoraya@gmail.com   Thanks!  

Verizon email users

Hi folks, Word on the street is that if you have a Verizon email account, it will shut down July 22nd.  If you have a Verizon account and switch to a new email address, let us know so we can update the listserv with your new email address! -Elizabeth