Glen Mar Park’s roots go back to the end of WWII when the community was first established. That war and the government expansion it triggered equated to numerous personnel associated with the OSS (predecessor of the CIA) occupying GMP’s addresses. Many of the earliest residents consisted of families with military backgrounds. An aerial map from 1947 shows the names of the families who called Glen Mar Park their home. Many of their offspring still live in GMP or in the adjoining neighborhoods (many families with children moved across Massachusetts to ensure they could still be part of the Wood Acres school system when Brookmont Elementary School (now Washington Waldorf School) first opened). Earlier plans to build a school where our present park and playground sit were abandoned due to the saturation of the soil.

Over the years, Glen Mar Park has had its share of contributors to the world stage. Among the folks that used to grace our streets:

  • President Lyndon Johnson – then VP, known to visit a secret Bay of Pigs mission control here
  • Bruce Laingen – one of the American Hostages who spent 444 days in captivity in Iran
  • Leo Goodwin, Sr. – co-founder of Geico
  • Paul Rand Dixon – former Federal Trade Commission Chair
  • Lawrence Higby – political activist and former assistant to the White House Chief of Staff for Richard Nixon